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If you think you're enlightened spend a week with your family.

A woman sat down next to meAnd asked for a poem about laughing at life when it's so hard she gave me an example of something that inspired her she told me that she had been watching a press conference the head coach of the Philadelphia eagles was being harassed by members of the press and while he was under fire he looked into the audience and saw his five-year-old daughter mimicking his gestures and being silly and instead of scolding her or telling her to stopBecause daddy was busy he just took that moment to have a good laugh

I read her the poem and she confided something in me

she said that she suffers from a neurological disease called suicide pressure and that this poem had hit a lot of the hallmarks of her every day experience the feeling of being under a landslide constantly and family issues she let me know that she would cherrish the poem

And we hugged it out and we hugged it out

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