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nuts and bolts

this was one of the most interesting encounters .... the story goes i woke up in the morning feeling like i was lacking purpose ..... my work had been canceled for the next two weeks ... i was felling like i needed to just do something/.... i decided well i have my typewritter im goin t spend my ast 10 dollars to get into the County fair ... i set up illegally without a Vendig license ... there were thousands of people .one man came by he was rolling another fellow in a wheel chair .... he said will you write me a poem for my men its called NUts and Bolts .. i almost didn't get to it but before he left i managed to write it out there and then on the spot fairly quickly ... he took a video of the reading and he left ... a few weeks later i got all these messages on social media ...somebody you wrote a poem for is looking for t=for you .... i got in touch with him he said his name was Paul and that he wanted to meet up to thank me for the poem .. when we met up he explained that he had shown the video of me reading the poem to to his mens group on a projector .... and all the men were taking back by just how close to the bne the poem was for them ...they felt like i had captured the very essence of what they were about ... the the man decided to fram the poem on a wooden Plack and he gave all 25 members a copy ... i got on a zoom call with them they told me they were thinking of reading the poem before every meeting as their opening ....paul went on to a friend and encouraged me to join a men's group which i did i now go once a week and just got back fro a deep dive weekend in santa cruz

here i was thinking i wasn't having much purpose that morning and in the end i touched the hearts of 25 men who made it a president to get ahod of me let me know how mcuh they

appreciated it ...just goes to show you never know what in store for you

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What a beautiful inspiring story, even when we are down if we open to what the day has for us we never know what magic might come, what connection may be made.

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