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Singer Songwriter

Obo Martin has performed extensively throughout the United States

& Europe delighting audiences with his humorous, wild-spirited, sentimental songwriting and incredible

heartfelt performances!

Book Obo for Your Festival-Gathering or Event.

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Obo Martin is a singer-songwriter hailing from San Francisco, California. Born to Irish parents from Belfast, Obo is "a bit of both"  with one foot on the ground and the other in the clouds of imaginable realms. Immersed in the world of the muse, his feet flinging, lungs ringing, band swinging, traveling style, has taken him far and wide.

Obo's early career caught the attention of Canadian folk trio The Be Good Tanyas, who even named their band after one of his songs, "Be Good Tanya,"  and recorded sone of early offerings when he was just 19 years old. His storytelling songwriting style, sharp sense of humor and unique blend of music puts his artistic offerings all over the map. Obo has recorded a dozen albums and written hundreds of songs.

He had the honor of performing at the Oregon Country Fair's 50th anniversary on the main stage for the Midnight Variety Show and was the featured guest at last year's highly esteemed Sierra Storytelling Festival. Obo wears many hats and has his finger in many pies, he's a versatile artist. From tears to laughter, slapstick to drama, Obo is a one-man extravaganza hitchhiking his way into hearts across the land.


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